Scherzinger believes shoulders are sexier

Nicole Scherzinger, the US pop sensation, believes that shoulders are sexier compared to cleavage. The thirty five year old singer loves to sport dresses that re open across the top. She also admitted that she also love to sport boob boosting bras.

While speaking to a leading magazine, she told that everyone has seen her sporting dresses that are open across the top. That region reveals grace because it is prim and also shows strength. She believes that shoulders are sexy. Everyone can have cleavage with the help of bra. In fact, she also uses those bras – it gives more confidence.

The ex Pussycat Doll singer believes in herself by keeping herself in shape. While speaking to the magazine, she told that staying in good shape is where she gets all her power from. It keeps him strong and gives her more confident about how to hold ourselves.

Nicole added that if she does not work out, she looks more slender as she does not have as much definition. Once you get comfortable with your style and size – and you sport clothes that make you feel more confident and take proper care of yourself from within.

Meanwhile, Nicole recently wowed her rooters by haring her snaps from her tour to Maldives on the popular photo sharing site Instagram. Nicole uploaded sexy blue leopard bikini. By looking at the snaps, one can tell that she had a great time in Maldives.

Scherzinger reliving 60s style

Well, we surely missed Nicole Scherzinger. Since X Factor ended, her fans surely missed her stunning look that used to appear on television screens each week. But there is nothing to worry about. Nicole is back, and that is also with a bang. The former Pussycat Doll singer slipped into a series of clinging attires for the smoking hot photo shoot.

With the recent shoot, she is looking better than ever. The singer has been whisked off to United States for a photo shoot at the well known Pink Motel and Cadillac Cafe in LA’s Sun Valley. Nicole, who appeared slimmer than ever, posed up in striking panel attire which showed off her toned thighs as well as she unwittingly revealed that she was sporting some tiny underwear. Thirty five year old Nicole sported a series of stunning attires for the steamy photo shoot, but her black eye thick makeup stayed as she posed a storm.

Recently, she was snapped with her boyfriend Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. This is the very first time they have been pictured together since there were rumors that they have once again dating. Both of them were sporting baseball caps as the couple went on a date in Beverly Hills’ E Baldi.

Recently, Nicole posted her snowboarding snap. She wrote: She wrote: “Snowboarding all day, now night sledding…. @eosproducts break for the brutal winds and cold#megazone (sic)”

Scherzinger and Hamilton meets secretly

United States pop singer Nicole Scherzinger and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton have met each other secretly on Monday in London. There were reports that they pair talked about their getting back together again.

Earlier this year, the pair parted ways and since that time they have been a bit love sick. Hamilton publicly stated his heartbreak on Twitter and there were rumors that Nicole Scherzinger had a break up based breakdown on the X Factor set.

Now it seems that the pair is open to give themselves another chance. An insider stated that the ‘Boomerang’ star could not properly work without her Formula 1 love Lewis Hamilton. A leading tabloid claimed that Nicole and Lewis spent 7 hours with each other at the Westminster’s Park Plaza hotel earlier on Monday.

A close source told that they were really determined to keep the meeting under wraps, that is why they selected a hotel which is not used much by celebs. There was something which keeps pulling the couple back together. Lewis Hamilton even took his dog Roscoe so Nicole could see it. He added that Nicole has not been able to properly operate without Lewis. Some days it was a battle for her to even get out of bed.

There have been several ups and downs in Nicole and Lewis’ relationship. The couple had parted ways many time and every time they got back with each other.