Nicole Scherzinger shares her Hawaii snaps on social media

Home is where the heart is  who does not know that quote. But for but for Hawaiian native, singer Nicole Scherzinger, it is really also where the quality seafood is. Scherzinger was coming back home to the island following a wild weekend at the Coachella music festival, California, United States, probably expecting a respite from her busy life.

The singer, now 36, shared her happiness on her Instagram page making her 1st stop at beachside Taniokas to get some tasty supplies. Speaking about her food haul, she captioned: ‘#HAWAIIAN!!! Guess who just landed back home! First stop on my way to tutus and the beach #taniokas ! #classic Mahalo to my boy @justintanioka #ohana #onogrindz #homesweethome #ProtectMaunaKea’

Demi Lovato speaks about her 5th studio album

It seems that Demi is working hard on her new album. She released her last album 2 years ago and it had hit tracks like “Heart Attack” and “Neon Lights”. But this time ,the 22 year old lady is all set to showcase her new side in a different way.

In a recent interview, Demi told that this year is going to be very important fot her. She is set to embrace who she is as an artist and to become more authentic to who she is. She want to unveil new music which is different, something that she has not done before. That wouold showcases who she is and what she could do vocally. She is very excited to explore with different sounds which is what he is doing in the studio right now and to see what comes about. One can also anticipate ballades, but it is all about balance.

Last week, Demi shared a snap with Nicki Minaj with a swet caption. She added that she would love to collaborate with Eminem. She believes that she could relate to him with being in th recovery as well as things like that so she believes that they could make somethng awesome.

It is reconciliation time for Nicole Scherzinger with her Pussy Cat Dolls group

This popular American recording artist and X factor judge had decided to make it up with her former band Pussy Cat Dolls that had been disbanded in 2010. While in conversation with the Event magazine, when asked whom she wanted to say sorry to, the pop start poured her heart out. She said that she had parted ways with the group five years ago after which she released her solo albums and also judged the X factor series.

However when she was a part of it she admitted to have maintain a distance from them, never opening up or sharing her feelings. She also said that she pushed them apart because then she was suffering from bulimia, an eating disorder. However she kept the trauma of battling with this illness to herself rather than opening up to her group.

The Pussy Cat Dolls had been founded in 1995 in Los Angeles by Robin Atnin, the American choreographer with Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Carmit Bachar, Kimberly Wyatt and Melody Thornton as its members.

Nicole Scherzinger to move to London soon

American pop star Nicole Scherzinger told that she just could not wait to move to London.

It appears that the pop star cannot wait to be closer to her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. New reports suggest that the singer is all set to quit Los Angeles and move to United Kingdom, where she has a lead role in Cats, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical.

She also plans to stay in the UK capital long term that would mean that she is very closer to Formula One driver Hamilton, who has been dating the singer on and off for the past 8 years. Lewis stays in Monaco, but Scherzinger is very close to his family who lives in Hertfordshire.

Recently, speaking about her lovely new chapter, Nicole told that she has been in the same relationship for many years now and it is hard making it long distance. Therefore, she is looking forward to making it all work. She is really excited.

Speaking about her new theatre role that would start rehearsing for when she moves to London, the US singer told that she is really very excited because a lot of people does not know that she grew up on the stage. Performing is what she love doing.

She added that everyone has been in the sort of relationship; the song is so personal to her. It is raw and stripped back. It is encouraging people to run from fears that are holding them back.