Nicole Scherzinger shares her Hawaii snaps on social media

Home is where the heart is  who does not know that quote. But for but for Hawaiian native, singer Nicole Scherzinger, it is really also where the quality seafood is. Scherzinger was coming back home to the island following a wild weekend at the Coachella music festival, California, United States, probably expecting a respite from her busy life.

The singer, now 36, shared her happiness on her Instagram page making her 1st stop at beachside Taniokas to get some tasty supplies. Speaking about her food haul, she captioned: ‘#HAWAIIAN!!! Guess who just landed back home! First stop on my way to tutus and the beach #taniokas ! #classic Mahalo to my boy @justintanioka #ohana #onogrindz #homesweethome #ProtectMaunaKea’

Nicole Scherzinger stopped for snapshots with Taniokas staff, pulling the ‘shaka’ sign that used to suggest ‘hang loose’ or ‘stay chilled’ in the native Hawaiian culture. The brunette, who adopted London as her home at the end of last year, praised the lovely beach, local people and sunset of her home town. She also shared a series of carefree selfies.

Scherzinger sported tropical flowers on her dress that was emblazoned with the words ‘Local’, as well as donned a cowboy hat with mirrored glasses. Since leaving United Kingdom for California this month, Scherzinger has not been out of her summer dress.