Nicole Scherzinger to move to London soon

American pop star Nicole Scherzinger told that she just could not wait to move to London.

It appears that the pop star cannot wait to be closer to her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. New reports suggest that the singer is all set to quit Los Angeles and move to United Kingdom, where she has a lead role in Cats, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical.

She also plans to stay in the UK capital long term that would mean that she is very closer to Formula One driver Hamilton, who has been dating the singer on and off for the past 8 years. Lewis stays in Monaco, but Scherzinger is very close to his family who lives in Hertfordshire.

Recently, speaking about her lovely new chapter, Nicole told that she has been in the same relationship for many years now and it is hard making it long distance. Therefore, she is looking forward to making it all work. She is really excited.

Speaking about her new theatre role that would start rehearsing for when she moves to London, the US singer told that she is really very excited because a lot of people does not know that she grew up on the stage. Performing is what she love doing.

She added that everyone has been in the sort of relationship; the song is so personal to her. It is raw and stripped back. It is encouraging people to run from fears that are holding them back.