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Nicole Scherzinger shares her Hawaii snaps on social media

Home is where the heart is  who does not know that quote. But for but for Hawaiian native, singer Nicole Scherzinger, it is really also where the quality seafood is. Scherzinger was coming back home to the island following a wild weekend at the Coachella music festival, California, United States, probably expecting a respite […]

It is reconciliation time for Nicole Scherzinger with her Pussy Cat Dolls group

This popular American recording artist and X factor judge had decided to make it up with her former band Pussy Cat Dolls that had been disbanded in 2010. While in conversation with the Event magazine, when asked whom she wanted to say sorry to, the pop start poured her heart out. She said that she […]

Nicole Scherzinger to move to London soon

American pop star Nicole Scherzinger told that she just could not wait to move to London. It appears that the pop star cannot wait to be closer to her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. New reports suggest that the singer is all set to quit Los Angeles and move to United Kingdom, where she has a lead […]


Former Pussycat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger is apparently looking forward to the day when boyfriend Lewis Hamilton will propose to her. She says she is keen to marry him and be the mother of his kids. The singer’s wish to settle down with the McLaren driver was what reportedly led to their split last year. […]


The Blackarazzi staff caught up with Nicole Scherzinger and her boy toy Lewis Hamilton as they let the Viper Room in Hollywood very last night. The other “dolls” had been still carrying out when she jetted out! I really don’t know what Nicole’s pissed about, but she does not search satisfied at all, and is […]